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Social Networks and Audiovisual Consumption.

Social media have changed the way to access audiovisual products and provided a medium for viewers to share emotions arisen during their experience (Social TV). This article describes the emotions socially shared in cross-cultural experience of Western viewers (English, Spanish and French) watching Non-Western TV series (Korean). The aims of the first study was threefold: 1) to describe the emotions expressed bywestern audiences’ watching Eastern series in social TV, 2) to explore western language differences in the expression of emotions, and 3) to describe how emotions are expressed and whether the way they are expressed differ across consumers’ language. We find that the emotions shared by western audiences while watching south Korean TV series on social media, at an aggregated level, seems to be instrumental in the popularity of series, but this link may be related to the audio-visual market size. At the individual level, the language used to communicate emotions seem to influence the intensity of emotions in general and of positive and negative emotions. However, in contrast with the differences in emotional intensity and language, emotions-in-practice showed a greater similarity in meaning of the bunches of emotional words across the three languages. (196 words)


. The Social Network Gamer’s Experience of Play: A Netnography of Restaurant City on Facebook. In Games & Culture, 2017.

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